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Beam Suntory to invest $4oo million in renewables based expansion 

Beam Suntory, a global manufacturer of premium spirits, has announced its plans to invest over $400 million to expand production at its Booker Noe distillery in Boston, KY, which produces the company’s flagship product, Jim Beam. The expansion is expected to increase capacity by 50 per cent and will be based on energy supplied through the use of anaerobic digestors that will produce renewable natural gas to power the facility.

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Eurowind Energy to set up five energy centers

In Denmark, Eurowind Energy intends to build five big land based energy facilities. The overall capacity of all the centres will be around 2.5 GW. According to the business, all five projects will include wind turbines, solar PV, batteries, and PtX hydrogen synthesis. In addition, the business intends to focus on integrating biogas and hydrogen refining into the centres.

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