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Minnesota Advances to Become First Midwest Clean Cars State

The proposal to adopt a Clean Cars Minnesota program was given a greenlight today. An Administrative Law Judge ruled—as part of her report issued today—that the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) could move forward based on the extensive, deliberative, and open process and after thousands of public comments and filings by stakeholders.

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Xcel Energy on track to meet clean energy goal by 2050

The strategic focus of Xcel Energy is on investing in cleaner power generation and transmission assets as well as in natural gas infrastructure. As a first step in this regard, in early 2018, it announced plans to reduce carbon emissions by 60 per cent (from 2005 levels), increase the share of renewable energy (RE) in its fleet to 55 per cent, and shut down 50 per cent of its coal capacity in the state of Colorado by 2030.

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