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Taiwan drafts plan for an additional 5 GW of offshore wind

Taiwans Bureau of Energy (BoE) and Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) been working on a draft regulation for the third round of offshore wind auctions. This will also include a new target for 2035. Taiwan is on the path to connect 5.5 GW of new offshore wind capacity by 2025 and more capacity will be tendered by the government through the Round 3 auctions for commissioning by 2035.

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Mexico’s disregard for the law in renewable energy policy

This brief examines the decrees issued by the National Center for the Control of Energy (CENACE) on April 29, 2020 and those issued by the Department of Energy (SENER) on May 15, 2020. These decrees are specifically intended to hinder renewable energy companies from initiating the start-up tests to connect to the transmission grid.

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