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Accelerating U.S. Clean Energy Deployment: Report

Because of significant reductions in the cost of clean energy, economics are no longer the prime barrier to expanding clean energy: Solar, onshore and offshore wind, and battery power now cost the same or even less than fossil fuels. But significant non-financial barriers to wider deployment remain. Clean energy deployment is rife with uncertainties, most of them unnecessary. These uncertainties are constraining clean energy deployment right when it should be accelerating.

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EU Electricity Market Reforms To Encourage Investment In Renewables Rather Than Directly Reduce High Electricity Prices

The electricity market reforms proposed by the European Commission on March 14 2023 will provide a framework to increase transparency, competition, stability and uniformity through changes to policy such as Contracts for Difference (CfD) schemes that we expect will broadly support higher investment in non-hydropower renewables. Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) markets will benefit from the changes, with more incentives to drive long-term agreements, which will increase low-cost renewables to stabilise prices, but shift investment focus into western markets.

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Renewable energy investments in Asia Pacific

The Asia-Pacific region is expected to attract approximately 40% of the total global investment in Renewable Energy capacity between now and 2050. The region – especially South East Asia – benefits from a unique combination of electricity demand growth, electricity supply crunch and abundant solar, wind and water resources to spur investments in Renewable Energy assets.

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