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Colombia Launches National Roadmap for Net Zero Carbon Buildings

Colombia’s National Roadmap for Net Zero Carbon Buildings, launched in June 2022 by the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, aims to achieve net zero in all new buildings by 2030 and all buildings by 2050. Developed in partnership with WRI’s Zero Carbon Building Accelerator, the roadmap provides a framework for how the country can decarbonize the built environment by setting out clear goals, defining actions and identifying the actors responsible for implementation.

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System Integration of Renewables in Moldova: A Roadmap by IEA

The central purpose of this document is to provide a vision for policymakers at all levels towards a clean and secure electricity system in Moldova, providing actionable items towards this vision in three steps, as well as outlining the economic, environmental and social benefits it could deliver. This document also serves to support further development of the national renewable energy strategy.

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Renewable Energy Roadmap for Central America by IRENA

The Renewable Energy Roadmap for Central America by International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) provides a comprehensive pathway for the development of a sustainable and cleaner regional energy system. It explores the role of end-use sectors electrification, the feasible expansion of renewable generation, energy efficiency solutions as well the importance of expanding the existing regional power sector integration. 

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