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Drones and Robotics : Offers cost effective solutions to power industry

Drones and Robotics have quickly found their places in electricity sector. Their cost effectiveness and ease of use, are expanding their employability in the industry. Use of drones and robotics for power grid inspection brings several advantages such as higher safety and low risks to maintenance technicians, reduction in maintenance equipment downtime, enhanced accuracy in data collection of an asset’s condition, reduced staffing need and associated employment cost, and more accurate asset inventory management. 

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Technology Edge: Using robots and drones for efficient solar O&M

Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and computer vision (CV) are gradually occupying room in the renewable energy generation space. The deployment of these modern te­chnologies alongside ro­bots and drones plays a significant role in the operations and maintenance (O&M) of renewable energy par­ks. With the help of these advanced automated technologies, the landscape of field inspections and monitoring of renewable energy projects is changing for good.

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