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A record share of US electricity comes from zero-carbon sources – but more work is needed 

More than $1 trillion of private investment went into the global energy transition in 2022, which “shattered records” according to the report. The US attracted the second-highest amount, $141 billion, which represented an 11% increase over 2021. Over 40% ($57.3 billion) of this investment went into electrified transport, and $49.5 million was pumped into the renewable energy sector. At least $369 billion of government funds is also due to be invested through the IRA.

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Energy Sector Roadmap for Carbon Neutrality in China

At the United Nations General Assembly in September 2020, China’s president announced that the country aims to have CO2 emissions peak before 2030 and to achieve carbon neutrality before 2060. This represents a significant stepping- up of the country’s climate ambitions. Previously, China’s nationally determined contribution (NDC) under the 2015 Paris Agreement aimed to achieve a peak in CO2 emissions by “around 2030 and making best efforts to peak early” but did not set a long-term target or goal.

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If data is the new oil, is Hydrogen the new gas?

Reducing the cost of green H2 depends crucially on two inputs: A combination of cheap RE and large-scale electrolysers reduces the cost of H2 by 75 per cent. Add in the potential for cheap financing via green bonds, expected to grow from issue volume of US $2 trillion this year to US $50 trillion by 2030, the possibility of government subsidies and the dream becomes an achievable tech-play.

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