The report “Africa’s Energy Outlook: Renewables As The Pathway To Energy Prosperity” prepared by Deloitte provides an insight on Africa’s wealth of energy and related resources, its energy goals, future energy mix and also offers a snapshot of six African economies’ plans and ambitions.

Africa’s unfulfilled potential is evidenced by the challenges to convert its natural resources to economic prosperity. Despite the continent’s vast resource wealth, energy poverty which can be defined as a lack of reliable and affordable access to cooking fuel and electricity, remains a concern across the continent. Of the world’s estimated 800 million people without access to electricity, 600 million are in Sub Saharan Africa. The manifold causes of the continent’s energy challenges include a lack of investment, ageing infrastructure, inadequate political consequences for poor government implementation, and a skills shortage.

Africa is a continent rich in energy and related resources, but hindered by widespread energy poverty. The Africa Energy Outlook 2023 delves into this paradox that the African continent presents. This comprehensive report is a roadmap towards a brighter future, focusing on charting Africa’s energy landscape as it transitions towards renewables and cleaner energy sources.

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