Iberdrola completes 74 MW hybrid wind-solar project in Spain

Iberdrola, a Spanish utility, has announced the completion of the construction of a 74 MW solar photovoltaic farm in Burgos. This solar project will hybridise the existing 69 MW BaCa - Ballestas and Casetona - wind power complex. Furthermore, the company has allocated more than €40 million for this project.


Our goal is to be fully carbon neutral by 2035: EnBW’s Andreas Schell

We have a clear plan for gradually reducing our emissions in all emission categories, known as Scopes 1 to 3. Our goal is to be fully carbon neutral by 2035. To achieve this goal, we plan to halt coal-based electricity and heat generation as early as 2028, provided the necessary policy framework is ready in time. Of course, this raises the question of how we will continue to ensure security of supply. How do we make up for the electricity that we previously generated from coal?

Opinion & Perspective

Mapping Clean Energy in the US West

The Southwest has an enormous opportunity to accelerate the shift from fossil to clean power. Tax credits from the Inflation Reduction Act make clean energy projects more feasible than ever. The Energy Community Tax Credit Bonus aims to revitalize the economies of coal-powered communities by providing a 10 percent bonus on top of Production Tax Credits and Investment Tax Credits for clean energy projects.

Mega Trends & Analysis

Impact of Covid on China’s Renewable Energy Development

The impacts of the COVID-19 on renewable project development and investments were felt in China as well as in global market. Some of the impacts from the COVID-19 include blocked logistics, operation delay on the industrial chain, and low turnover efficiency where these impacts have led to price increases in the industrial chain and subsequently resulted in a decline in the growth rate for the downstream demand.

Policy Watch

UK’s revised net zero plan

Revised plans will ease the burden on working people, as the Prime Minister forges a credible, transparent path to net zero that maintains public consent. Ban on the sale of petrol and diesel cars will be moved back to 2035 and new policies forcing landlords to upgrade the energy efficiency of their properties will be scrapped. The ban on new fossil fuel boilers for certain households will be delayed while cash grants for boiler upgrade schemes will increase by 50% to £7,500 for those who want to transition now.

Tech Talk

Overview of drivetrains, gearboxes and direct drives technologies

Improvements in drivetrains are expected to emerge in tandem with the overall growth in the wind turbine sector. New developments may include single-stage gearboxes, direct drive systems and permanent magnet generators. The advancements in direct-drive magnets and generator designs for wind turbines have resulted in low-cost and lighter wind turbines. The cost of permanent magnets used in direct drive turbines has also decreased which has further increased the prospect of direct-drive turbines.

Webinars & Videos

Critical Materials for Scaling Up Hydrogen

Hydrogen is expected to grow sevenfold to support the global energy transition, eventually accounting for 10 percent of total energy by 2050. A scale-up of this magnitude will affect demand for critical materials, including minerals and metals, needed for hydrogen technologies— electrolyzers for renewable hydrogen, carbon storage for clean hydrogen, or fuel cells using hydrogen to power transport.

Knowledge Centre

US State-Level Building Electrification Factsheets

Over just a handful of years, electrification has emerged as a cornerstone of effective building decarbonization policy. Momentum has been driven by increasingly favorable economics (especially for new construction), improved carbon savings from grid and technological advancements, and the growing climate emergency. With billion-dollar federal investments and commitments from over 100 cities and states, the movement is gaining traction.


Clean Hydrogen Financing in Asia

Hydrogen is an emerging clean energy technology and energy vector with many proposed use cases. There will be uncertainties as regard to whether hydrogen will be the most economical clean energy solution for each of the proposed sectors and use cases considered in the analysis. Commercial risks also need to be taken into consideration.



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