ANDRITZ has received a contract from Greenko, one of the largest independent power producers in India, for the supply of electro-mechanical equipment for the 1,200 MW Pinnapuram pumped storage plant located in Andhra Pradesh, India. The contract includes design, manufacture, supply, transportation, erection, testing, and commissioning of four 240 MW units, two 120 MW reversible pump units, main inlet valves and associated auxiliaries. The commissioning of the first units is expected by 2023. The 1,200 MW pumped hydro storage project is part of the integrated renewable energy storage project (IRESP) being set up by Greenko in Pinnapuram. The IRESP consists of 2,000 MW of solar, 400 MW of wind and 1,200 MW of hydro pumped storage capacity which will generate 7 billion units of electricity. Greenko is setting up another IRESP in Saundati, Karnataka.

Greenko is focusing on IRESPs by setting up solar, wind and pumped hydro power projects together to provide round-the-clock renewable energy.  The IRESPs have many benefits and are expected to provide flexible power to the grid. Other benefits include on demand power supply, grid balancing, ancillary storage and limited storage loss.

Established in 2004, Greenko has assets across solar, wind, hydro, biomass and gas-based power generation sectors. It presently has an installed generation capacity of 6.2 GW across 15 states in India, with the near-term capacity reaching 6.5 GW (post recent investment from ORIX). In addition, 8 GW of capacity is under construction. A major proportion of Greenko’s portfolio comprises of solar, wind and hydropower projects. The company has a wind portfolio of 37 projects with a cumulative capacity of 2,318 MW, solar portfolio of commissioned 27 solar projects with a cumulative capacity of 2,175 MWp, and hydropower portfolio of operational 22 projects with a cumulative capacity of 1,689 MW.