California Energy & Power (CE&P), a US vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT) wind turbine company, has secured its first commercial purchase orders from the Hansei Corporation, an engineering, procurement, and construction company in the Philippines. Initial turbines will be deployed in strategic locations in the Philippines, with plans to deploy the company’s CALI series VAWTs along a newly built expressway project to provide electricity for lighting systems, signaling/protection, and electronic vehicle charging stations.

“Through our collaborative partnership with Hansei, there are planned deployments to power entire villages, government units, and electricity supply for commercial uses,” noted Joe DiBartolo, President and Chairman of CE&P.

Hansei Corporation has been working in the renewable power generation, transmission, and distribution segments in the Philippines for over 31 years. Rudy Nuyda, President of Hansei Corporation, stated, “The partnership with CE&P provides a strong technology foundation to overcome the challenges of green energy solutions for continued economic growth and development in the communities and customers. We intend to bring clean, efficient, reliable wind energy in the communities we serve and have selected CE&P for its ability to help us deliver on that commitment.”