Cepsa will generate green hydrogen at its San Roque Energy Park (Cádiz) by reusing recycled water from a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). In order to achieve this, the company has a contract in place with the publicly traded company Aguas y Servicios del Campo de Gibraltar (Arcgisa) for the supply of recycled water from the urban effluents of the municipalities of San Roque and Los Barrios at its industrial facilities. The agreement is another stage in the development of Cepsa’s Andalusian Green Hydrogen Valley, Europe’s largest green hydrogen project, which will be located at its Energy Parks in Huelva and San Roque with Euro 3 billion investment.

The treatment and purification of urban water for industrial use will be carried out in the new WWTP that the Association of Municipalities and Arcgisa plan to build on land near the Energy Park facilities, which was ceded years ago by Cepsa to the City of San Roque.  Tertiary treatment will be provided at this new plant for 4.2 million cubic metres of wastewater annually, which will no longer be dumped into the sea but will instead be used by Cepsa in its facilities. This equates to more than 21,000 four-person households’ yearly average water use.

In April 2022, as part of its energy transition strategy, Cepsa expected to invest between $7.8 billion and $8.9 billion in Spain and Portugal respectively by 2030. From 2023, the corporation would devote more than 60 per cent of its investment to sustainable businesses. Cepsa also stated that it intends to build a 7 GW renewable energy project pipeline for its own usage, which will include solar and wind generating plants. Out of this, 1.5 GW of capacity has been connected to the grid.