The Clean Energy Australia report published by the Clean Energy Council provides a comprehensive overview of the Australian clean energy sector. The report covers the latest key figures and statistics on the national energy market. It is the only analysis that includes the National Electricity Market, the Western Australian electricity grid and other major regional grids across the country in areas such as the Northern Territory.

The Australian renewable energy industry accounted for 32.5 per cent of Australia’s total electricity generation in 2021, which represented an increase of almost 5 percentage points compared to 2020. This growth was again led by small-scale solar, which added 3.3 GW of new capacity during the year to record its fifth-straight record-breaking year. The large-scale sector also had a bumper year in 2021, adding 2,955 MW across 27 projects, which included Australia’s three largest solar farms and two of the country’s three largest wind farms.

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