Clir Renewables has been selected to enhance the performance of Kenya’s Lake Turkana Wind Farm. The company will analyse data from each of the wind farm’s 365 turbines using parameters of available resource, geospatial features, and nearby turbines. Further, machine learning data analytics will be used to pick out instances of underperformance and their underlying causes. The data generated from the process will be used to increase annual electricity production of the wind farm, monitor asset health, and manage technical financial risk. Further, it will also be used to compare individual asset performance at a project, portfolio, and industry level and share insights with the stakeholders of the wind farm.

The Lake Turkana Wind Farm has an installed capacity of 310MW and is located in a region in Kenya with consistently strong, unidirectional winds. The $800 million wind farm is operational and the owners and aim to tap into its resources to deliver consistent, high yield returns for its investors. The current announcement is expected to help Kenya to move closer to its energy transition goal and at the same time, reduce energy costs and carbon emissions.

Kenya is one of the continent’s leaders in terms of renewable energy generation. It currently has 70 per cent of its installed electricity capacity sourced from renewable sources and aims to take this figure up to 100 per cent in the coming years. Further, the country aims to generate about 2 GW of wind energy by 2030. Additionally, 9 million people in the country have access to off-grid renewable energy with the figure only set to rise.