For mitigating climate change, consumers are actively increasing the usage of renewable electricity. Procuring renewable electricity from new generation facilities is effective for reducing carbon emissions by replacing electricity from fossil fuels. Corporate PPAs are becoming popular in Japan to procure renewable electricity with additionality for business and industrial use. Under the current circumstances where fossil fuel prices soar and electricity supply is not stable, the benefits of corporate PPAs are recognized from both economic and environmental perspectives.

Renewable Energy Institute recently published an information package on “Corporate PPA: Latest Trends in Japan”. This information package put together the latest trends of corporate PPAs in Japan. Typical contract structures for On-site, Physical and Virtual PPAs applicable in the Japanese electricity systems are presented. The features, benefits and issues of each type of contract are summarized in addition to cost comparisons with regular tariffs. New policies such as Feed-in Premium are covered in terms of making corporate PPAs effectively.

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