Scotland, due to its location, renewable energy potential, established oil and gas industry, geological features, technical expertise, existing infrastructure and commitment to net zero by 2045, has the resources to become a global leader in the emerging clean hydrogen market. The potential exists for Scotland to become a major producer and exporter of clean hydrogen in the next decade. Of the various studies that have been conducted into Scotland’s clean hydrogen potential, the most ambitious is The Scottish Hydrogen Assessment, which estimates that 126 TWh of clean hydrogen could be produced in Scotland, with 94 TWh exported to the European market annually by 2045.

The Scottish Governments Offshore Wind Policy sees the potential for 11 GW installed offshore wind capacity off the coast of Scotland by 2030. The Scottish Wind to Green Hydrogen report by Xodus Group sees potential for an installed offshore wind capacity of 60 GW for Scotland by 2045, all of which could be utilised for the production of green hydrogen. The OREC report Offshore Wind and Hydrogen Solving the Integration Challenge estimates that up to 240GW of offshore wind could be harnessed for green hydrogen production across the UK by 2050, to supply European hydrogen demand.

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