Conventional wisdom says that electric vehicles are more expensive than gasoline vehicles. But is that always the case? What does the actual data tell federal fleet managers, who are trying to meet President Biden’s executive order to electrify the entire federal fleet by 2035?

ICF experts used their proprietary fleet electrification modeling technology to project the costs, savings, and climate impact of electrifying the entire federal fleet. It turns out that replacing the gas-powered cars and trucks for all U.S. federal agencies would actually save money. In fact, it would save approximately $6 billion dollars when you consider the total cost of ownership over the lifetime of the vehicle.

Read this ICF paper “Electrifying the federal fleet could save $6 billion” for a deep dive on:

  • Costs and savings from converting the entire federal fleet to EVs in 2024.
  • Climate and health benefits of federal fleet electrification.
  • Top 10 considerations for federal fleet managers.

Access the paper here