ENCAVIS has connected the second major project in Spain to the grid well within the timeline.  The project, Talayuela, is the largest solar park within the portfolio of ENCAVIS. It has an installed capacity of 300 MW.

Spanish projects now account for around 500 MW of installed capacity within ENCAVIS’s portfolio, forming the largest share. Earlier in November 2020, the company connected a solar park called La Cabrera, with a capacity of 200 MW. It was implemented without state subsidies. The facility is located in Cabrera in southern Spain, in the immediate vicinity of Seville.  

ENCAVIS plans to profit from the growing market for long-term private power purchase agreements (PPAs) in European countries, such as Spain. PPAs can help in setting up new solar parks through project finance without the need for state subsidies. This is still a relatively new phenomenon in Europe and is considered a key step towards market viability for renewable energy. The PPA guaranteed a supply and demand directed price over an extended period of time.

ENCAVIS AG is an independent renewable power producer. It acquires and operates solar parks and (onshore) wind farms in ten European countries. The sustainable power generation assets generate stable revenues through guaranteed feed-in tariffs or long-term power purchase agreements. The ENCAVIS Group’s total power generation capacity is currently more than 2.6 GW.