Enel Green Power North America, Enel’s U.S. renewable subsidiary has begun developing a wind plus storage hybrid project, called Azure Sky. Enel has also signed a 100 MW virtual power purchase agreement to sell power generated by this project to Kellogg Company. This will translate to 360 GWh of the electricity delivered to the grid annually from the Azure Sky wind project. The electricity supplied will is equal to 50 per cent of the volume of electricity used across Kellogg’s North American manufacturing facilities.

The Azure Sky wind farm will consist of about 350 MW of wind capacity and a 137 MW of battery storage component. The project is being developed at is located in Throckmorton County, Texas. This will be Enel’s third hybrid project in the United States that integrates a renewable energy plant with utility-scale battery storage. However, it is its first large-scale project to integrate wind with battery storage.

The project involves 79 wind turbines which are expected to generate over 1,300 GWh annually. This electricity will be supplied to the grid and will charge the battery located in the same facility. The expected annual electricity generated by the Azure Sky project is equivalent to avoiding the emission of over 842,000 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year.

Kellogg’s renewable electricity purchase is the equivalent amount of electricity it takes power more than 43,000 homes each year in North America and is estimated to avoid over 250,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually. This is equivalent to the amount of carbon sequestered by 330,000 acres of US forest each year.