Estonian state-owned transmission system operator (TSO) Elering has decided that the Tootsi wind farm, owned by Enefit Green, a renewable energy subsidiary of Estonia’s state-owned Eesti Energia group, will not be granted support after its completion, according to the older and more favourable scheme.

In Estonia, wind farms built before 2017 can receive support of EUR53.7 per MWh based on the market price paid for by consumers for 12 years. This support is paid out to such wind farms for generating up to 600 GWh of energy; thus, up to EUR32.2 million of support can be paid out to producers per year.

According to Elering, the 52-turbine Tootsi wind farm does not meet the requirements. Since it began work on the investment project on December 31, 2016, it cannot receive the renewable energy subsidy under the so-called older support scheme. As per Eesti Energia, the decision by Elering has yet to take effect and can be contested within 30 days; a course of action the energy group is currently weighing.

The wind farm is located in Metsaküla village in the territory of the North-Pärnu municipality.