European Energy, a renewable energy developer plans to develop a solar power project with a capacity of 300 MW in Denmark. The project will be set up in the municipality of Aabenraa in southern Jutland. The construction of the project would require an estimated investment of $159 million, set to be the biggest solar installation in the Nordic region.

The construction work is expected to start in early 2021 with grid connection to take place before the end of 2021.The solar project will be set up near a major regional transformer station. It will also be close to future data centres. It is expected to deliver enough green power to supply 75,000 Danish households.

European Energy also announced plans to develop a 170 MW solar project in Sweden. So far, the company has installed over 1.5 GW of renewable energy capacity across eleven countries. Wind and solar generation accounted for 50 per cent of Denmark’s power demand last year. Currently, the installed solar capacity of Denmark is around 5 GW as compared to 3 GW a year back. According to the Danish grid operator, the solar capacity could go up to 16 GW by 2025. The Danish government is aiming for a 70 per cent reduction in its carbon dioxide emissions by 2030. This will require the expansion of renewable energy in the country.