SunnyCal Solar Inc., a provider of innovative solar products, announces release of a new electric vehicle (EV) solar carport to provide independent charging power for EVs. These carports are by patented Steel Roof Solar (SRS) modules that have crystalline solar cells built into the metal roof sheets. These SRS modules create energy that is stored in a local battery and powers the EV car charger.

The structure provides shade and rain protection for vehicles while charging. All components are fully galvanized for long life. Options are available for lighting, powder coating and foundation anchors. Solar charging power saves money by avoiding utility charges. Construction costs to connect EV chargers to the electric meter are eliminated. Future mileage taxes and charging fees are avoided. Carports may be eligible for Renewable ITC tax benefits.

“Meeting the growing demands for EV chargers can be an expensive proposition,” says Steven Dollens, SunnyCal Solar, CEO. “EV Solar Carports are the most cost-effective way for many businesses meet the increasing needs for customer charging services,” he adds.