The report “Green digital diplomacy: Time for the EU to lead” has been authored by  Fabio Barbero and Patryk Pawlak of the European Union Institute for Security Studies. To be responsible digital players, states need to address the environmental cost of using digital services that rely on large volumes of data and to promote green solutions as part of their international digital engagement strategies. For the EU’s foreign policy, this means embracing ‘green digital diplomacy’ as one of the priorities and a chance to exercise normative leadership.

Green digitalisation represents a strategic opportunity for the EU’s foreign and security policy to exercise influence in times of geopolitical competition and trade tensions. It is also a means to strengthen the resilience and reduce the vulnerability of partner countries while at the same time contributing to the EU’s own security in the long term. Concrete objectives for the EU’s green digital diplomacy should include promoting globally sustainable data practices, strengthening the focus on sustainability as a shared responsibility, and fostering good practices in ‘green by design’ approaches to digital transition.

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