Magnora, an Oslo-listed company, has partnered with a Swedish wind power company to accelerate the construction of “Sydkustens Vind,” a 500 MW shallow-water offshore wind project in the Baltic Sea. It will be located about 8 km off the southern coast of Sweden and will have a capacity of 2 TWh per year. The project has the capacity to support 100,000 households, including electric heating, or 700,000 electric automobiles, more than Skåne’s total car fleet.

 grid assessments have been conducted for the project in order to prepare for connection to regional and national grids. The consultation process with national and regional authorities, impacted municipalities, and the general public has begun. As per an opinion survey conducted in the municipalities of Skurup and Trelleborg, the majority of the public supported the construction of the wind farm.

This project is intended to improve the ability to offer green energy to local industrial power users as well as hydrogen generation to provide clean fuel for local transportation. The project is near important infrastructure in Sweden, and the surrounding area has highly favourable wind conditions. Furthermore, both historically and recently, southern Sweden has had relatively competitive electricity costs. All of these elements add to the project’s durability.

It is important to note that local requirements exist and will emerge as a result of the EU Taxonomy and local governments’ long-term electric power policies. This ensures that the offshore project may contribute to the solution of those electric power needs.