Offshore wind energy is poised to grow significantly over the next decade. Strong support from policymakers and regulators, the drastic fall in technology costs, demonstrated competencies in installation, and economic success in recent tenders has spurred growth not only in Europe but also in the Americas and Asia. While offshore wind has garnered the political support and investor confidence, several challenges remain. A key bottleneck is the availability and development of grid infrastructure, both offshore and onshore. This challenge, however, presents the opportunity to deploy new and innovative technologies.

Global Transmission’s Offshore Wind Transmission Report released in May 2020 analyses the market size and opportunity for offshore wind transmission across the globe. The report provides an overview of the recent policy developments and mandates for offshore wind development, examine the costs and present the various models and technology options for developing offshore wind transmission infrastructure. It provides information on existing and planned offshore transmission projects and on the key technology players in the industry.

The report can be accessed here