A revision of the Polish energy strategy to 2040 (PEP2040) was announced in March 2022, predominantly to address energy security concerns. In this report, “PEP2040: Progress or disappointment?” Ember and Reform Institute analyse the government’s draft plans for renewable energy expansion, showing that the PEP2040 assumptions are significantly under-ambitious. The low share of renewables puts Poland on a path to being the last EU economy producing the majority of its power from fossil fuels by 2030, endangering the country’s security and prosperity.

To deliver on commitments to increase energy security, the Polish government needs to substantially increase renewables ambition, enable conditions for rapid renewables deployment and reduce gas expansion plans. For these goals, the new PEP2040 document should aim for above 50% of renewable electricity generation by 2030 as well as 100 GW of renewables capacity and a net zero power system by 2040.

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