The Canada’s Energy Future series by Canada Energy Regulator explores how possible energy futures might unfold for Canadians over the long term. Canada’s Energy Future 2021: Energy Supply and Demand Projections to 2050 is the latest long-term energy outlook. The outlook covers all energy commodities and all Canadian provinces and territories, and makes projections using economic and energy models. It also makes assumptions about technology, energy and climate policies, energy markets, human behaviour, and the economy.

In the long term, global and Canadian ambition to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions will be a critical factor in how energy systems evolve. EF2021 considers two main scenarios where energy supply and demand projections differ based on the level of future action to reduce GHG emissions. EF2021 also includes six additional scenarios that explore what Canada’s electricity system might look like in a net-zero world. The two main scenarios include projections for all energy commodities, whereas the six electricity scenarios focus only on how Canada will meet given electricity demands under different conditions.

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