Renewable Power Capital (RPC) and Greenfield, two UK-based renewable energy developers, have agreed to collaborate on the development of 500 MW of energy storage projects in the country. RPC has purchased two projects from Greenfield, totaling 83 MW. By the second quarter of 2024, the projects are anticipated to have received final approval.

RPC can now increase its commitment to the UK’s rapidly expanding battery storage market, which is a strategic priority for the company.  The partnership is essential for RPC to grow its portfolio of renewable energy sources, which support a resilient and decarbonised electricity infrastructure.

Earlier in 2023, RPC made agreements with Tundra Advisory and Euder Energy to develop a 1 GW onshore wind portfolio in Poland and 1 GW of solar in Spain. The company has transitioned from a renewables investor to an operator by taking over three Finnish wind farms with 171 MW of capacity from OX2. The company has also entered into a ten-year power purchase agreement (PPA) with automotive technology company Faurecia to supply 417 GWh of clean energy from its Klevberget wind farm in Sweden.

REGlobal’s Views: This announcement comes just six months after RPC announced a collaboration with the UK battery storage company Eelpower for 1 GW of storage in the UK. There is a surge in demand for energy storage systems in the UK and many companies like SSE Renewables, Cero Generation, Pulse Clean Energy and others have recently announced projects in this space.