The report “Electrify Now: The rise of Power in European Economies” has been prepared by Goldman Sachs. While previous Goldman Sachs Research has focused on the 2050 net zero end game, here they explore a more immediate, more tangible topic; one that is poised to revolutionize European economies and everyday lives: the urgency of electrification.

In fact, as stated in F55, the most effective way for Europe to reach a 55% reduction in emissions by 2030 is through a major electrification process, a process that is about to start. According to the report, this will have three main outcomes for the sector:

  • Power demand will begin to grow, strongly, inverting a near-15-year negative trend.
  • Europe will need to mobilise €3.7 tn of capital, most into green energy infrastructure.
  • Power prices to be temporarily supported, as certain power markets are likely to tighten over the coming 3-5 years

Access the report here