The paper “Unlocking European Energy Security: with clean, affordable and domestically produced renewable energy and green hydrogen” has been prepared by Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy. It outlines how an expanded renewable energy sector
within Europe is fundamental for energy security, and the need to speed up and scale up onshore and offshore wind production
across Europe. It reaffirms green hydrogen as the backbone for a decarbonized and more secure European energy supply.

With more renewable energy in the system, Europe can start to not only decarbonize direct power markets but also secure the supply of zero-carbon fuel for heavy industry, mobility and agriculture. Specifically, green hydrogen, must replace the imported fossil fuels which currently power Europe’s fertilizer, chemicals, urban mobility, shipping, aviation, cement and steel sectors. The success of advancing power-to-x opportunities relies on the underlying systems and infrastructure that can support the change. Increased production of energy also needs to be aligned with increased storage capacity across Europe to manage and ensure supply, and to ensure grids can be stabilized.

Download the paper here