The government of Western Australia has issued a call for expressions of interest to develop a massive 1.5 GW renewable energy hydrogen hub in the Oakajee Strategic Industrial Area. The aim of the project is to produce renewable hydrogen for Australian domestic use as well as export. The last date for submission of proposals is December 24, 2020. The specific Oakajee Strategic Industrial Area located 435 kms north of Perth, has a potential to develop 1.25 GW of solar power and 270 MW of wind power at competitive prices.

This project is part of the state’s Renewable Hydrogen Strategy which began in July 2019 with the creation of a $10 million green hydrogen fund. The Strategy seeks to position the state as a major producer, user, and exporter of green hydrogen. As per the recent Recovery Plan announced by the government, the green hydrogen fund has been topped up with a further $5 million, and the renewable hydrogen targets have been reset from 2040 to 2030.

The Western Australia region has enormous potential for solar and wind development, as well as an industrial and export facility. Although the transmission link to the main load center Perth is relatively weak, the Mid-West part of this region already has numerous wind and solar farms. The region has also attracted proposals for some big green hydrogen facilities including from giants like Siemens and BP.