Amprion and Statnett have inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to explore the feasibility of a hybrid interconnector for offshore wind between the two countries. The goal of the partnership is to jointly evaluate technical and economical aspects. This can reinforce security of supply in Europe and contribute to the development of the offshore grid in the North Sea as well as to the EU’s climate targets.​

Furthermore, the goal of the two transmission system operators’ investigation is to build a hybrid interconnector that incorporates offshore wind energy. They will compute and analyse combined energy scenarios as a foundation for this. Additionally, this boosts the potential for international electricity exchange and enables the flexible integration of wind energy into the European electrical grid.

In August 2023, Amprion started planning the Windader West energy corridor, which would bring up to 8 GW of power from offshore wind farms in the North Sea to North Rhine-Westphalia. It will consist of four offshore grid connections, each of 2 GW: NOR-15-1, NOR-17-1, NOR-19-1, and NOR-21-1. The submarine cables will connect wind farms in the North Sea to grid connection points in the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan area.