Australian company Enegix Energy has promoted an initiative that seeks to invest $5.4 billion to produce green hydrogen in the Pecem port complex in Brazil’s northeastern Ceará state.  Green or renewable hydrogen is generated from electricity from renewable energies through a process which involves electrolysis of water to separate oxygen and hydrogen.

The Green Hydrogen HUB in the port of Pecem, located in the metropolitan region of Fortaleza, the regional capital will make Ceará one of the global suppliers of green hydrogen. In addition to several regional government secretariats, the patron saint Federation of Ceará State Industries, the Federal University of Ceará, the Dutch port of Rotterdam, which manages Pecem, and Enegix Energy (which will build the hydrogen production factory) will participate in the initiative. Export from Pecem, which is the nearest South American port with Europe, will lower logistic cost compared to other maritime terminals in Brazil.

“It is a great project that will generate thousands of jobs in its construction and hundreds after the start of operations, helping to improve the lives of Cearenses,” said Wesley Cooke, President, Enegix Energy.