Eolus, a Nordic wind power company, and Simply Blue Group, an Irish firm, have agreed to partner on the development of four commercial-scale offshore wind parks in the Baltic Sea. The remaining facilities will be situated offshore of Finland, while two of the projects will be developed in Sweden. Eolus and Simply Blue Group have formed a joint venture firm called SeaSapphire to develop the offshore projects. Each partner will own an equal part of the company.

The two offshore wind projects in Sweden are Skidbladner, which will be built 100 km south-east of Stockholm; and Herkules, located 60 km south-east of the island of Gotland. Additionally, SeaSapphire will construct a project in Finland’s Exclusive Economic Zone in the Baltic Sea and the Wellamo wind farm, which is 90 km outside of the Satakunta Region. 

Furthermore, the four projects, which are presently in development, will have the ability to produce up to 40 TWh of renewable energy annually. Eolus and Simply Blue Group will primarily focus on supply chain development in order to create local jobs and to investigate potential alternate uses for produced energy.