“One Year Inflation Reduction Act: Initial Outcomes and Impacts for US-EU Trade and Investment” has been authored by Max Grünig, a Senior Policy Advisor at the E3G Washington Office. This report was written for Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung e.V. Foundation and originally published on their website.

This report sets out to gather initial evidence of any impacts that the Inflation Reduction Act may have for EU–US trade and investment related to cleantech. The report focuses on the EU–US relationship and is written primarily for audiences in the EU, both policy makers, civil society and the business community.

The report also gathers initial information that can inform US policy makers in their quest to “internationalize” the Inflation Reduction Act. This report reflects the information available at the one-year mark of the Inflation Reduction Act. The intention is to highlight both to facts that may cause alarm on the EU side, and to those findings that show less dramatic or even beneficial outcomes of the law for EU businesses.

Access the report here