Despite actions taken to date, industry stakeholders felt that Canada is still a long way from having a mature battery supply chain. Which is why Clean Energy Canada convened experts across the supply chain—including mining, battery manufacturing, auto parts and assembly, and battery recycling—to identify these no-regrets priority actions Canada must take in the immediate-term to establish itself as a player in the global battery industry.

  • Form an intergovernmental battery secretariat
  • Immediately convene an industry-led Canadian battery task force
  • Develop a North American Battery Alliance
  • Unlock Canada’s sustainable battery metals, minerals, and materials supply
  • Ramp up Canada’s midstream supply chain capacity
  • Launch a dedicated battery supply chain fund
  • Better promote Canada’s clean and responsible battery brand
  • Create a government-funded, industry-led Battery Centre of Excellence
  • Grow demand for batteries in North America

The battery supply chain is a key one for Canada, as acknowledged by the federal government in its most recent climate plan and last month’s budget. But action matters more than talk, and more action will be needed to build a domestic industry.

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