PASH Global, a clean projects investor and developer based in the UK, has agreed to set up a joint venture (JV) with renewables investor ERIH Holdings to construct green hydrogen and ammonia production projects totaling 5 GW. Reportedly, the anticipated capacity will be installed in Italy, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Serbia, and Colombia by 2023. In accordance with the proposal, the electrolysers will be supplied by electricity generated by 10 GW of renewable power plants, including wind, solar, and geothermal facilities.

Each of the joint venture partners will hold 50 per cent of the new company. The project coordinator, ERIH, will maintain contact with users and system operators and handle the transportation of the generated green hydrogen. PASH Global and ERIH will get started by working on two projects in Italy and Turkey where they will look for possible partners to create commercial and technological possibilities. As per the company’s statement, the targeted projects are complex and will require extensive work in terms of approvals, design, construction and commissioning.

In November 2021, Apan Energy Services  partnered with PASH Global Management. With this partnership, the two companies committed to invest £1 billion in clean energy across the Caribbean and Latin America over the next five years.