“Pricing Mechanisms for Promoting Accelerated Diffusion of Vehicle-to-Grid in the Southeast Asia Region” has been published by ASEAN Centre for Energy. The development of this policy brief was supported by the Energy Foundation China (EFC) through the project “ACE-EFC Joint Studies on COVID-19 Impact on Energy Sector Development and Variable Renewable Energy – Smart Microgrid – Electric Vehicle Integration”.

The premiums paid to electric vehicles to perform grid generation services for decreasing variable renewable energy curtailment outperform those paid to reduce the peak load of electricity demand. Most ASEAN Member States require a premium subsidy to be paid to electric vehicles to make their total cost of ownership lower than internal combustion engine vehicles. Among the ASEAN Member States, Thailand’s electric vehicle’s total cost of ownership performance shows the most promising prospect for effective implementation of vehicle-to-grid.

The brief can be accessed here