Are the EU and member states on track for long-term gas demand reductions? EU files like the European Climate Law would require a 35% reduction, and REPowerEU 52% reduction, in gas demand by 2030. Member states are making progress but the focus is on tackling the emergency in the short term. The EU and member states need to shift thinking beyond next winter to fill the 2022-2025 action gap and deliver on gas reductions, boost supply chains, grow clean jobs and ramp up renovation and renewables.

The E3G briefing “Are we on track: Repowering towards EU gas demand reduction” has been authored by Rheanna Johnston, Matthew Jones, Lisa Fischer, and Raphael Hanoteaux. This report assesses the potential of seven member states’ emergency measures to reduce gas demand in the short and long term. It also assesses their impact on climate targets and social fairness.

The briefing can be accessed here