Isigenere, the Spanish engineering and product development company that created the Isifloating floating system, has completed the installation of a new floating solar plant for its client Climagy, which has been in charge of the development. It is a 739 kW plant, located in a quarry lake in the municipality of Dettelbach, in the federal state of Bavaria (Germany).

This plant is the largest floating solar project in Bavaria and will supply power for the cement company Heidelberger Zement. The plant is estimated to provide 700,000 kWh per year, and it has installed 3,792 floats of the Isifloating 4.0 model that support 1,896 solar panels of 395 Wp.

The Spanish company explains that the electrical distribution of this installation is “unique due to its innovative design, with string inverters installed on floating islands integrated into the structure and mechanically anchored to metal structures, which, in turn, save an empty space without floats in their lower part, which offers greater cooling and optimization of returns to investors ”.

Other collaborating companies that participated in the project include Seaflex, which supplied the mooring system; Rez Kleve, which installed the structure; and Top Marinas, which was responsible for the execution of the installation of anchors and moorings.

This installation is estimated to result in saving of 280 tons of CO2 per year. Isifloating patented floating solar technology allows partial or complete coverage of the water surface to build solar plants on the system that can be located on top of multiple bodies of water: irrigation ponds, industrial use ponds, reservoirs, hydroelectric plants, water treatment plants, lakes mines or even on land susceptible to flooding.