Urban Renewables has developed a solar rooftop project for Shooting Gallery Asia, a media production firm, for its Singapore operations. The solar energy will be delivered under a long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). 

The solar PV system has a capacity of at least 160 kWp and a guaranteed energy production of at least 220,000 kWh for commercial operations. Approximately during the contract duration, Shooting Gallery Asia may anticipate reducing CO2 emissions by roughly 134 metric tonnes. Urban Renewables will oversee the project’s complete life cycle and deliverables. As part of its green solution offerings, Urban Renewables will also provide free EV charging stations under the Urban Charge brand, as well as energy efficiency upgrades. 

Urban Renewables is an investment firm that focuses entirely on sustainable energy solutions in urban settings. The company’s aim is to contribute to Singapore’s path towards being a more sustainable and climate-resilient city by creating and investing in new energy solutions. The firm was founded to make cities more sustainable and to allow communities to engage in renewable energy projects in their own towns. It is also planning to open offices in Melbourne and Kuala Lumpur.