Through an empirical assessment of investment plans in National Recovery and Resilience Plans (NRRPs) and Operational Programmes (OPs) respectively, the present report by LIFE Unify called “The contribution of EU spending plans to ambitious NECPs: Comparing funds mobilised vs. climate investment needs to 2030”, provides a preliminary quantification of their contribution to 2030 targets for a sample of 7 Member States that are significant recipients of EU funds. To what extent are investments mobilised via NRRPs and OPs sufficient to meet climate and energy related investment needs for achieving ambitious 2030 climate targets, and address the need to phase out the EU’s reliance on fossil fuels?

Although previous reports have assessed the contribution of EU funds to filling climate and energy transition investment needs, those have relied on assumed spending shares for those investments. The present report is instead based on actual spending plans. Further, it focuses specifically on climate and energy transition related investments that are directly targeting emissions reduction, and not a comprehensive assessment of all environmental dimensions of spending plans (e.g. climate adaptation and biodiversity).

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