Long-term energy scenarios have become an essential tool for policy makers to guide the clean energy transition. However, the energy scenarios produced can vary and be complex, leading to an abundance of insights and technology combinations. Comparison studies have emerged to help understand the convergences and divergences between various scenarios, providing trade-offs for decision makers and identifying key insights for policy makers.

This webinar on “Benchmarking Scenario Comparisons: Key indicators for the clean energy transition” discussed the main findings from the recently-published collaborative report (of the same name) between IRENA and the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC), which highlights the motivation, focus and methods of 14 scenario comparison studies, synthesizing experts’ views on how to improve such studies to gain insights for the clean energy transition.

Featured speakers:

  • Wouter Nijs, Researcher – Knowledge for the Energy Union Unit, European Commission JRC
  • Nadeem Goussous, Clean Energy Transition Scenarios and Network team, IRENA 

Presentation slides can be accessed here

Webinar recording can be accessed here