Jakob Scholz on Pexels

Ontario has launched a renewable natural gas (RNG) public transit bus. The RNG is supplied by Enbridge Gas Inc. and is produced in London at the StormFisher biogas facility that processes organic waste. The RNG is considered carbon negative because it diverts organic waste from a landfill and prevents release of methane into the atmosphere.

By introducing RNG to fuel its natural gas buses, Hamilton Street Railways (HSR), has become the first public transit authority in Ontario to use a certified 100 per cent carbon-negative fuel for transportation. In one year, HSR’s RNG bus will divert 450 tonnes of organic waste from the landfill, enough to fill 38 garbage trucks.  Using RNG to fuel the bus will also displace CO2 emissions from 36,000 litres of diesel a year, making trips even more carbon negative.

Today, there are more than 110 operating RNG facilities in North America, including 10 in Canada. There are more than 30 RNG projects in various stages of development or construction in Ontario.