Decarbonisation of urban energy systems is key to an effective energy transition for stronger climate action. Beyond the power sector, decarbonising the end use sectors, including the building sector, offers large potential to reduce such emissions to achieve the climate objectives. IRENA is supporting Mongolia in the decarbonisation of its building sector through the implementation of renewable energy solutions in district heating systems. The support is designed to contribute to building the capacity of Mongolian stakeholders to develop a Strategic Heating and Cooling Plan (SHCP).

In this regard, IRENA is collaborating with the Mongolian Ministry of Energy to organise virtual capacity building events on Integrating Renewable Energy Solutions in Mongolia’s District Heating Systems. The first workshop on Strategic Heating and Cooling Planning was held on May 20, 2022.

The workshop video can be viewed here

Presentations from the workshop can be downloaded below:

Case Study Presentations: