This report gives an overview of the energy sector of Armenia, focusing on energy security and energy system transformation aspects.

Prompted by a severe electricity supply crisis in the mid-1990s, Armenia has revamped its energy sector over the past 20 years. Parts of the sector have been privatised, some companies have been restructured, most households now have access to gas, and cost-reflective tariffs have been introduced. This has led to ample investment in capacity and networks, which has considerably improved reliability; funding came mainly from the donor community, upon which Armenia still relies for support.

Energy policy is now focused on developing indigenous energy sources, mainly renewables, and on extending the lifetime of the nuclear reactor that supplies nearly one-third of the country’s electricity. The government has begun to pay more attention to energy efficiency issues, and the second National Energy Efficiency Action Plan (NEEAP-2) was developed in 2020.

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