Swedish energy storage company Azelio and India based Atria Power have signed a MoU to install over 65 MW of energy storage capacity in India. According to the agreement the entire energy storage capacity will be set up until 2025. As per the collaboration between the two companies, small scale commercial installations of 100 kW will be set up in 2021. Larger scale installations with an estimated total capacity of 12 MW will be installed in 2023, followed by 18 MW in 2024 and 35 MW in 2025.

Azelio’s unique storage technology can be coupled to solar PV, wind power, or any other energy source. It stores the energy in recycled aluminium and can cost-efficiently supply renewable energy, as heat and electricity, on demand around the clock. This is Azelio’s first endeavour in India and Atria Power intends to use Azelio’s technology for storing energy to deliver both electricity and heat. 

By combining Azelio’s energy storage units with cooling and water desalination technologies, Atria aims to offer zero emission electricity, potable water, and cooling for rural villages and communities in India. Using Azelio’s technology, Atria aims to expand its business offering in the Indian market as a project developer and system integrator of energy projects.