Consumers Energy has completed its Gratiot Farms Wind Project, which is now operational in Michigan. The project consists of 60 wind turbines with a cumulative capacity of150 MW capacity, which is enough to supply power to about 58,000 residents.

While the development of the project was started by Enel Green Power America, it was then taken over by Consumers Energy in September 2019. Consumers Energy then proceeded to complete the project. The wind farm development involved an investment of almost $260 million. About 250 workers were employed during the construction of Gratiot Farms. There will also be a new service center established in Middleton region of Michigan, where 10 employees will undertake operating the electric generation facility.

Consumers Energy is the principal subsidiary of CMS Energy and is the largest energy provider in Michigan. Other owned and operated by Consumers Energy include Lake Winds Energy Park in Mason County and Cross Winds Energy Park in Tuscola County. With the addition of the third wind farm, the projects cumulatively produce enough electricity to meet the energy demand of185,600 residents. Consumers Energy has a clean energy plan which aims to eliminate coal as an energy source, achieving net-zero carbon emissions and meeting 90 per cent of customers’ energy needs through clean sources like renewable energy, energy waste reduction and energy storage.