Development Alternatives Incorporated has invited expressions of interest (EoI) on behalf of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Vietnam Government to offer technical assistance to renewable energy developers in Vietnam. The support is being extended to offset risk costs and to encourage renewable energy developers to invest in new projects, thereby helping the country meet its energy needs. The last date to submit bids is January 16, 2021.

USAID will provide support in the form of feasibility studies, investment transaction advisory services, environmental analyses, legal advisory services, and other activities. Firms can submit bids that identify the kind of support required to mitigate the risk and transaction costs. Depending on the focus of the EoIs, INVEST will provide assistance to selected firms. The value of the concepts should not exceed $300,000 and must be discrete in nature.  Eligible projects should be suited in Vietnam and include solar, wind, hydropower, geothermal, biomass projects, and waste energy projects.  The EoI must describe specific activities for which help is needed, besides providing a cost estimate for the same. 

INVEST is the flagship blended finance initiative of USAID and is based in Washington, D.C, having approximately 250 partners that provide niche and technical expertise to USAID. INVEST Activity was launched in Vietnam by USAID and the Government of Vietnam to facilitate private investments in the energy, healthcare, education, and infrastructure sectors.