Enel Green Power Chile has begun working on La Cabaña, a 105.6 MW wind farm with a 34.3 MW battery energy storage system (BESS). The project, which will take about $190 million to complete, will be constructed in the Angol municipality’s Araucana Region. The La Cabaña wind farm will feature 22 wind turbines, each having a capacity of 4.8 MW. The project will have about 450 people working on it throughout construction. The company announced it would employ local labourers specialised in developing renewable energy plants for La Cabaña.

The company added that lithium batteries will be used at the BESS facility at the La Cabaa wind farm. La Cabaña is a part of a renewable portfolio that Enel Chile is developing with the aim of advancing the decarbonisation of its portfolio.

In October 2022, Enel Green Power Brasi commenced construction on the 399 MW Lagoa dos Ventos V wind farm in Brazil. Lagoa dos Ventos V, the second addition to the Lagoa dos Ventos wind complex, has 70 wind turbines. In the municipality of Dom Inocêncio, which is located in the state of Piauí in northeastern Brazil, a $545 million investment is being made to construct a wind farm.